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C++ Program to check if number is Krishnamurthy

using namespace std;
//Function to calculate the factorial of any number
int factorial(int n)
int fact = 1;
while (n != 0)
   fact = fact*n;
return fact;
//function to Check if number is krishnamurthy
void isKrishnamurthy(int n)
int sum = 0;

int temp = n;
while (temp != 0)
// calculate factorial of last digit
// of temp and add it to sum
sum += factorial(temp%10);

// replace value of temp by temp/10
temp = temp/10;

// Check if number is krishnamurthy
if(sum == n)
cout << "Yes. Input no is a Krishnamurthy";
cout << "No. Input no is not a Krishnamurthy";
int main()
int n;
cout<<"\n Input any no : ";


return 0;